SIEVE Southampton Interdisciplinary EVolutionary Ecology

Ecology; evolution; computer vision; geochemistry; mathematics; statistics; systematics.

In SIEVE, Southampton Interdisciplinary EVolutionary Ecology, we integrate computer vision, geochemistry, mathematics, statistics and systematics to do the best evolutionary ecology research we can.

We are a research group associated with Tom Ezard based within Ocean and Earth Science at the University of Southampton, UK. As the Early Career Representative and then Honorary Treasurer for the British Ecological Society, a current Associate Editor for Proceedings of the Royal Society - Series B and a recent Associate Editor for the Society for the Study of Evolution owned Evolution journal and a member of The Micropalaeontological Society, I am proud to support the scientific missions of learned societies.

If our research portfolio interests you, I’m always happy to hear from researchers wishing to either develop independent fellowship proposals or to join us as prospective PhD candidates who might seek funding through our INSPIRE Doctoral Training Programme, or via other means. I will link to funded opportunities here when they are available.

Please do get in touch with me at t.ezard (at) soton (dot) ac (dot) uk. I’m on Twitter too.